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Our Mission

We at Saint Aloysius Parish School are rooted in a long tradition of Catholic faith education.  Through the tireless dedication of our teachers and staff, we are given chances to embrace our full potential.  With Christ as our model, we foster the connection between home, school and family.


In a faith-filled atmosphere where respect and values are nurtured, we are encouraged to take our faith to a higher level.  This is accomplished by our participation at school liturgies and contributions to society through service.


Through cooperative learning, advanced technological skills, the ability to communicate ideas, and the enhancement of critical thinking skills, we at Saint Aloysius have the ability to be successful today and be prepared to succeed in the challenges of tomorrow.

Our Beliefs

  • We are called to be disciples and live the Gospel.  


  • Participating in frequent Masses as a school community is

          essential for Faith Formation.


  • The message of Christ is reflected in classroom instruction and



  • We facilitate the growth of the whole child: spiritually, intellectually,

          emotionally, physically and socially.


  • Educational staff together with parents, their first teacher, help direct

          students to develop spiritually and academically.


  • As educators, we are called to exemplify Catholic values.


  •  We are called to be responsible stewards and participate in

          community service.


  • It is our responsibility to provide the tools for students to have a firm

          sense of values and faith to navigate the challenges of today.


  • By implementing student-centered instruction, we focus on each

          student's unique qualities and allow them to take an active role in

          their learning.


  • As educators, we are dedicated to providing a safe, loving and

          inclusive learning environment.

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