Welcome to Saint Aloysius Hot Lunch Program!

We are pleased to offer our students a full hot lunch daily provided by AAA Catering from Lansdale, PA and Chef Chip (www.chefchipper.com).  All entrees will include a protein, a grain, a vegetable, a fruit, and milk.  We will start with weekly menus for the first couple of weeks and then move to monthly orders. Our weekly/monthly menus will be sent out via Option C and are also posted on our school website.  If your student has any special dietary needs or food allergies, please contact our school nurse.  If you child is packing, please know that we cannot offer the microwave at this time.   

Our lunches are $ 4.50 per meal (includes a drink). We will also offer drink for those that want to purchase it at $.50 a carton.


We order food on a weekly basis, so we need to have the orders as well as payment in advance.

Orders for lunches are due back to me on Tuesdays.  Please go to the school website - https://www.saintaloysiusschool.com/ - and click on the “Lunch” tab to see the latest calendar/menu and print as many calendars as you need – one for each child.  Please review the menu with your child and circle the lunches they want to order.  Please fill out the bottom of the form with their name/grade, payment amount and a phone number in case there are any questions.  EACH CHILD MUST HAVE THEIR OWN CALENDAR FILLED OUT!

If you have more than one student, you may include all the children’s payment in one envelope.  Cash or check (you may make out one check) made payable to St. Aloysius.  Please mark the envelope “Cafeteria” 


For now, we are collecting the orders weekly in the future we will be collecting orders monthly. 


Please understand that the food is ordered in advance and is brought to us regardless of whether your child is present on a particular day, so we cannot offer refunds for absences.  However, if your child is absent for 2 or more days in a row, we will refund or credit you for those missed meals.  We will verify the absences and ask that you please keep track of those missed days and inform me of those missed meals at abrennan@saintaloysius.net

If your child has forgotten their lunch, we will have peanut butter & jelly sandwiches available for purchase.  An IOU will be sent home to be paid back the next day.  If you receive an IOU, please enclose a check (made payable to St. Aloysius) or cash in an envelope marked “Cafeteria IOU” with your child’s name and grade.


Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns.  I can be reached at 610 326 6167 ext. 320



Andrea Brennan

Cafeteria Manager