The foundation of Saint Aloysius Parish School has been rooted in Catholic faith since 1912.  We continue to be dedicated to the timeless mission of Jesus Christ while learning through a solid academic curriculum in an organized and safe environment.


In a faith-filled atmosphere where respect and values are nurtured, we are encouraged to take our faith to a higher level.  This is accomplished by our participation at school liturgies and contributions to society through service.


Being an active learner is vital to our academic success in the 21st century.  Through cooperative learning, advanced technological skills, and the ability to communicate ideas, we at Saint Aloysius have the ability to be successful today and prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.


Our Mission
Our History

The history of Saint Aloysius Parish School is a simple and interesting story. Like the biblical "grain of the mustard seed", our school has grown and flourished over the decades.  In 1909, Saint Aloysius Parish welcomed a new pastor. Father William A. Wachter, whose first priority was to establish a Parochial School. His dream became reality on September 2, 1913 when Saint Aloysius School opened its doors to 178 pupils from first to eighth grades.


In 1919, a two-year Commercial School was begun on the second floor. In 1950, under the direction of the pastor, Monsignor Begley, the second floor auditorium was converted to four additional classrooms. 1950 also brought the opening of the first cafeteria located in the basement of the old building.

1953 marked the opening of our local Catholic high school, which was founded on the second floor of Saint Aloysius. Our school was home to the present-day Saint Pius X High School until 1955.


With enrollment increasing, the parish broke ground for the new school building in 1961, and a year later opened its doors to a total student body of 693 students and a faculty of 12 sisters and 3 lay teachers. 1963 saw the largest number of students. By 1967, it was necessary to add a second floor expansion to the new building.


Under the pastoral care of Monsignor Michael Bednar, Saint Aloysius Parish School continued to grow during the seventies. Begley Hall was purchased in 1973 to serve as a cafeteria and gymnasium. The new school auditorium was converted to an extensive library, and the old cafeteria was transformed into our first Kindergarten opening in the fall of 1975.