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English Language Arts


The standards increase in complexity throughout the grade levels so that all students are ready for the demands of college as well as career-level reading no later than the end of high school.  Students read a diverse array of literature as well as informational texts in a wide range of subjects in order to build knowledge, gain insights, explore possibilities, and broaden their perspective.  The Language Arts curriculum stresses the importance of the writing-reading connection by requiring students to draw upon and write about evidence from literary and informational texts.

Music and Drama
Once a week students participate in a music and drama class.  Annually, the students bring to life the Nativity and the living Stations of the Cross.  Students in grades 4-8 can participate in Voices of Hope Choir.  Every two years, the entire student body is featured in a large musical theater production.  The video clip to the right features "The Circle of Life" from Disney's the Lion King Jr., an adaptation of the Broadway show.



Saint Aloysius students perform "Circle of Life" from Disney's The Lion King Jr., an adaptation of the Broadway show.

Visual Arts


The visual arts are integrated throughout the curriculum.  Students also take an art class weekly that focuses on the techniques inspired by famous artists.

Physical Education & Dance
Students participate in physical education weekly.  In partnership with the Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation, Saint Aloysius has a fully equipped dance studio where after school programs take place.  Students in grades 5-8 can participate in the dance company.



World Languages: Spanish

Students in grades 4-8 learn the basics of the Spanish language to prepare them for more advanced language courses in high school.  Students also learn the geography and culture of Spanish speaking nations.


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