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Catholic Life


At Saint Aloysius School, we believe that Catholic values form the foundation of our students’ and teachers’ lives as the heart and soul of all they do.  The Religion Curriculum engages students in hearing and understanding the proclamation of the faith and calls students to active participation in the life of the Church as a disciple of Jesus Christ. It is our belief that every child has inherent dignity, and that our students and teachers should live Christ-centered lives through personal relationships with God.

Weekly Mass


Students attend Mass weekly and on Holy Days of Obligation.  Our weekly Mass attendance is not a substitute for Sunday Mass, but an additional opportunity for grace and participation in the Eucharist.  The students serve at the altar, as lectors, and cantors.



Students in grade 3 prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.  Students in grade 7 prepare to receive Confirmation.  Saint Aloysius School students do not need to attend additional catechism classes because sacramental preparation takes place in daily Religion classes. 



Saint Aloysius Parish School has a proud tradition of service to the Church and local community.  Every year, the students and families assemble Thanksgiving meals for those in need, participate in Christmas Caroling for the homebound, honor veteran's at a special Mass, raise money for vaious charities, and support the Pottstown Cluster food pantry.

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