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Saint Aloysius Parish School

Saint Aloysius Parish School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania has been educating young American citizens for over one-hundred years.  It is an achievement worth contemplating.  Believers in Catholic education began a journey in 1912 and never turned back.  They pursued their mission through World Wars, a Great Depression, and sea-changes in popular culture.  The institution they created not only survived the challenges inherent in a lack of public funding and the spatial limitations of its urban setting, it, in fact, thrived and prospered.  Saint Aloysius has built this endeavor, from day one, on the simple but profound notion that there is a high level of expectation for every child entering its doors.

Our century of success has been crafted around equal measures of nurturing and accountability.  Students here are more than passive recipients of another's time, talent, and treasure.  They are recognized as children of God who must share their own gifts of intellect, compassion, and integrity.  This philosophy has inspired the formation of young minds that grow in devotion to family, community, and Faith.

Saint Aloysius has embarked on a new adventure.  Our people have renovated an empty high-school campus and relocated the parish school to a tree-lined, twelve-acre oasis.  For the first time ever, children will run on green grass, rather than asphalt.  Saint Aloysius has made a choice to roar into the next century.  The environment has changed, here in Pottstown, and here in the United States.  Some things do not change:  a parent's love, the thirst for knowledge, and the embrace of the Nazarean.  These were the real cornerstones laid down by our predecessors.  Our foundation is strong, and the horizon lies ahead.

There are two days for shopping deals – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On #GivingTuesday, we have a day for giving back. #GivingTuesday is the new opening day of the giving season.

We kindly ask you to please support Saint Aloysius Parish School this #GivingTuesday on December 3, 2019 by clicking the make a donation button on  this page. 
Your donation will allow for Saint Aloysius Parish School to continue to the make available the excellent, Catholic education to students in the greater Pottstown area which we are proud to have offered for over 100 years.  
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