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Who is managing our Cafeteria?


Mrs. Trudy McLaughlin manages our cafeteria.  


What is included in my child’s lunch purchase?


There will be a featured lunch everyday as printed on the menu and in addition there will be a choice of alternate lunches which are available daily. See our menu for “Daily” Options and “Everyday” options. All alternate choices also include fruit and vegetable selections and a choice of beverage. The menu clearly explains the components of the school meals.


There will also be variety of ala carte items available for students and staff during the lunch period.   All daily ala carte purchases must be made with cash in hand. Pre - paid lunch meal tickets cannot be used to purchase ala carte items.


What is the cost?


The cost for a complete lunch this year will  be $4.00 for students.  All meals will be $4.00 whether they are part of the pre-purchased meal ticket or purchased on the day the meal is served.


Students will be able to purchase prepaid lunch meal tickets in multiples of 10 meals or 20 meals.  The ticket is a 10 meal punch ticket and will be retained in the students’ home room and given to the student prior to the lunch period each day. After lunch the ticket is retained again in the students’ homeroom. The tickets will not be sent home.


The cost for 10 lunch meals will be $40.00, and for 20 meals, $80.00.


Please make checks payable to Saint Aloysius Parish School

Be sure to include students name on check menu line and name and grade on the envelope.



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