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Science & Engineering


The Science Curriculum aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards . Every NGSS standard has three dimensions: disciplinary core ideas (content), scientific and engineering practices, and cross-cutting concepts.  Lab experiences and development of process skills are strongly encouraged at every level.


In the video below, 5th grade students created a vehicle to solve a real world problem- moving toxic waste without spilling it.  The project was simulated by using the remote control vehicle to move blocks.





The K-4 mathematics curriculum provides students with a solid foundation in whole numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and decimals—which help young students build the foundation to successfully apply more demanding math concepts and procedures, and move into applications.  The curriculum stresses not only procedural skill but also conceptual understanding.  The middle school curriculum prepares students to think and reason mathematically in preparation for high school mathematics.  Saint Aloysius uses best practices in mathematics including traditional algorythms.  Honors mathematics is available for qualifying students in grades 5-8.

Saint Aloysius Parish School exceeds the average percentile norms in middle school math and science.  On average, our middle school math students rank in the top ten percent of students nationally.

Saint Aloysius students place in the Montgomery County Math 24 Competition.

Innovation and Technology


Saint Aloysius educates learners of the 21st Century.  Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum as a tool for research, collaboration, and presentation.


  • Our classrooms are equipped with interactive SMARTboards. 

  • Students in grades K-4 have access to iPads for centers. 

  • Grade 3 students are 1:1 with Andriod tablets

  • Grades 7-8 are 1:1 with Chromebooks

  • Saint Aloysius is fully equipped with a research center that includes a library and over 30 desktop computers



The technology curriculum allows us to place an emphasis on higher order thinking skills and project-based learning. Multimedia tools provide the medium for problem solving and engaged learning.

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